What is a proxy server?

Proxy sites work as a boundry wall between you and your favorite websites. When your server administrator blocks selected websites. It is still possible to open them without installing any additional software. For example when you enter address of a website which is blocked by your server admin in the address bar of a proxy site your computer sends comand to the proxy sites server. And the server on whom that proxy site is hosted then sends command to the website you wish to visit.

People are benifitting in differant ways through proxy sites. First of all you get access to your favourits sites. Secondly you get to surf the web anonymously. Anonymity is very important in todays world. Suppose you live in a european country and you visit a website through a proxy server which is located in USA the website owner will never know your personal details for example your IP address, your location etc etc. The only IP address he will get is the IP of the server which is hosting that proxy.

Proxy is a very usefull thing for people who want to keep there privacy online. HotProxyList.Info provides you daily updated list of fresh proxies.

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